best coffee beans

26 Jun

I am searching for the “best coffee beans”..and also the factors involved in that distinction.

For example: “When I roast the green beans, what is the optimum color of the roasted bean to produce the desired flavor?”

With my roaster, I have discovered that the ambient temperature around the roaster affects the roasting time (roasting outside or in my kitchen).

The “pea coffee bean” is a new concept for me and I now wish to explore it.

Another recent idea involves the size of the bean–some are double and some single..

Mountain grown beans seem better.

There is a region in Columbia where three mountains converge: my neighbor tells me that region is the best ..but I can not locate those beans.

A few years ago I read that Madagascar grew the best beans in the world: I have never found any of those beans on the market.

It seems to me that these distinctions and factors are limitless and may lead to some contradictions.

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