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We’ve locked in really nice Panama lots for 2012, including some very impressive new Caturras and Gesha coffee, and they should arrive mid to late summer. Expect new, and fantastic!

About Panamanian Coffee

Map of Panama 
Finca Carmen, checking out the organic fertilizing mulch
Panama coffee was historically under-rated and overlooked, but no longer. That perception has been corrected in recent years with the outstanding Best of Panama competition held each year, attracting global competition for the best lots, and spectacular prices. The Gesha cultivar produced in some of the small coffee estates has also garnered heaps of attention for it’s unique floral cup character.

Panama coffees are brightly toned with vivid floral aromatics and clean fruited notes. Cheaper Panamas are a staple of higher-end commercial roasters and lower-end specialty roasters. There are many lower-grown Panamas that are ubiquitous in the U.S. market and of little interest to us here. It’s just the Boquete and Volcan coffees from the Chirqui district, ones from small family-owned farms that produce the truly distinct, unique coffees. They employ N’gobe Indians for the picking season, who will come to the coffee farms to work under some of the best wage standards and work laws in Central America.

For more information on Panama coffees, go way back to the 2002 Panama Cupping Competition. And also see my slide show of the 2003 cupping We have a page about the #1 2004 coffee, Jaramillo Especial, and a page about the 2004 Cupping. And … boy this is getting to be quite a list … the January 2006 crop visit to check our small lot coffee, and visit the Gesha trees at Hacienda La Esmeralda. Also see my April 2006 Best of Panama competition trip. In fact – just check out the travelogue section of the Coffee Library for all the trips!

Coffee in bloom, Boquete

Ripe coffee cherry, Volcan

Yours truly at the cupping competition, 2002, so many moons ago.

Our Unroasted Panamanian Coffee Offerings:

Please refer to our Reference Page for definitions of terms and cupping numbers used below. Check out the Sweet Maria’s Coffee Home Roasting Forum for more conversation about home roasting this and other coffees.

We are currently out of stock. The review below is provided for your reference.

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Panama Boquete Golden Peaberry


This was one of those happy, simple and rare coffee encounters � this lot basically fell on my lap. Well, to rewind a bit, we have been buying Lerida Estate peaberry for a few years and the mill who prepares that lot has some sense of what we look for in Panama coffee; vivid brightness, intensity, clean cup, character. So when this so-called Boquete Golden Peaberry dropped from the heavens I was quite happy. Golden? Hmm … it’s a pale, opaque turquoise green to me. But heck, they called it Golden when they sent the sample so Golden it is. It lacks the pedigree too; it’s from 3 Boquete estates that were screened to remove PB at the request of Japanese buyers. Why? I don’t know. Theoretically, when you cull out all one size of coffee, or remove all the peaberries, you end up with less physical and botanical diversity in the seeds your roast, and possibly more homogeneity in the cup. This selection of peaberry flies in the face of that notion, because it is quite viscous in body, and dimensional in the cup. The dry grounds have a strong intensity, fruited with a bit of fig, dark honey sweetness and butterscotch. The wet aroma has malty grain sweetness, a hint of fresh hay (not often a good thing in coffee, but here I mean it as a compliment), and a lot of honey. The cup flavors follow this same theme; balanced, syrupy, honey sweetness, toasted wheat and malt (C to C+roast), with the addition of a “peach tea” fruit dimension to the flavor profile. Honestly, I am getting some Snapple flavors here! The sample roasts stood up to a darker treatment too, and remained sweet through FC+ roast. Throughout, there are lemon accents to the bright end of the cup flavors, and “homemade honey lemonade” is an impression I am left with in the aftertaste. At C+ roast, I hope you get these flavors too, because as the coffee rests (3 days post roast) it really blossoms.

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Country: Panama
Grade: SHB, Peaberry
Region: Boquete
Mark: Estate Blend
Arrival Date: June 2008 Arrival
Appearance: .2 d/300gr, 17-18 PB Screen
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Medium intensity / Balance, honey and grain sweetness, brightness
Roast: City+ (once again) is where you will experience the brightest and most dimensional cup, which is, after all, what makes it so special. Frankly, this coffee is fantastic anywhere after 1st crack through early 2nd crack.
Compare to: Classic bright Central with balance and good honey sweetness

View Cupping Scores

We are currently out of stock. The review above is provided for your reference.

Archived Reviews

To view reviews for out of stock coffees, visit our Panama Coffee Archives.

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