02 Nov

Monthly Newsletter November 2012 Volume 3 Issue 11
Ristretto A “short” shot of espresso—bolder, fuller, more body
A Great Visit with our Peruvian Guests
Silvia Arispe and Andres Nuñez from Casil
Co-op in northern Peru visited Just Us! on
October 10-12. Silvia has a background in
economics and deals with marketing and
exports for the co-op while Andres is the
General Manager that has breathed new life
into the co-op over the past 10 years.
The purpose of their visit was to create an
end-of-value-chain connection and to
understand why Casil is working so hard
towards growing the best coffees that Peru
has to offer. Being Andres first time away
from Peru, he was thrilled to see the port
where Casil containers are received, the
roastery where their coffee is roasted, and
the coffeehouses and stores where their
coffee is brewed and consumed. As many
of you may have noticed, he is the farmer
whose picture is on most of the
promotional material for Casil and 12
Apostles. He may have looked a little
abashed about the attention but also
humbly enjoyed living in the limelight for a
couple of days.
Casil is a leading edge producer co-op
because they understand the direction that
specialty coffee is going and want to be on
the leading edge as roasted coffee trends
move towards higher and higher quality.
They are currently working towards
providing advanced coffee cherry depulpers
for all of their 200 producers and leading
edge drying patios as well.
Even more encouraging is their desire to
roast their own coffee for sale within Peru.
Peru, like many coffee growing countries,
exports most if not all of their specialty
grade coffees and consume the lower
quality beans. Extending their value-added
chain to roasted coffee for hotels and
restaurants in the Lima region is the same
concept that many small-scale farmers in
North America are pursuing. Value-added
products fetch more margin than the raw
products themselves and so it only makes
sense to pursue those markets as well.
Peruvians should be enjoying the quality of
coffee that their producers are able to
achieve and Casil intends to provide that
To that end, as well as calibrating our
cupping scores, we spent the entire day on
Thursday cupping many different coffees
including those from Casil that we will be
using this year. Andres had never cupped
different origins and he was amazed at the
diversity between central American,
Peruvian, African and Indonesian coffees as
well as the differences that occur when
different processing methods are used. We
were all able to pick Casil’s coffee out of a
blind sampling of 9 different origins/
processes which helped us to understand
one another’s cupping language and
scoring methods. After lunch we roasted
coffee together, toured the roastery and
packaging department, and then discussed
their questions about learning to roast,
equipment, etc.
I felt this visit was the beginning of
something special that we will be able to
develop with the existence of the Centre for
Small Farms and an international exchange
of information between roaster and
producer. We all should be proud of what
we do here at Just Us! and know that we are
truly working to improve the lot of
producers around the world. Here’s to the
beginning of a long and fruitful relationship
with our partners in Peru. ~Joey AST COAST ORGANIC MILK
LAUNCHED!: Oct 19th, 2012
This month a dream came true. A few dairy farmers in Nova
Scotia cared so much for their cows and for their
customers that they embarked on a long journey to have
their farms certified organic (10 years!). In fact there were
many obstacles along the way, Dairy Boards, processing,
marketing, creating a co-op etc. Today a dream has come
true and Nova Scotia has it’s first Organic Milk.
Just Us! (namely Jeff), also believed in the dream and spent
many hours working with the dairy farmers to get through the challenges and to give them
the confidence that this could be done. After all, we did it with coffee.
Today Just Us! is proud to not only serve the milk, but to have invested in ECOmilk and to sit
on their Board of Directors.
As part of International Year of Co-operatives
we have been working with local Valley Co-ops
to raise awareness about co-operatives in our
community. In October we participated in our
third event with this group and held our first
Co-op Celebration Market Meal and Film
The event included dinner at the Wolfville
Farmers Market Co-op (with $2 off for co-op
members) and an evening of family oriented animated shorts and documentaries about cooperatives. At the Al Whittle Theatre, we had a small but enthusiastic audience. It worked as
planned, people came and went during the animated shorts. A number of young families
attended, with many who had never been in the theatre and for several young people it was
their first exposure to films on the big screen and to co-operatives. Those who saw The
Women of Brukman were glad they did; in fact members of Just Us! co-op are heading to
Argentina and may even visit that factory co-op. The awareness we generated was worth it
from our perspective. We have already signed up for next year’s “Get animated ” program as
a site for the National Film Board’s new releases. Stay tuned. All the best for the rest of this
special celebration year for co-operatives.
Sales and Marketing Corner
 We have seven new mail order
customers this month
 Halloween Chocolates sold very well
this year, selling out in Grand Pré
 Customers from West Vancouver
dropped by the Grand Pré café for a
visit and picked up some coffee and
chocolate. They are mail order
customers and particularly enjoy the
French Decaf!
 Delta Halifax Hotel placed an order. The
chef told us that they had a group from
Bank of Montreal who specifically
requested our coffee for their
 We donated tea to the Tea Association
of Canada. Our teas are going to be
sent across the country for use in the
Tea Sommelier Training Program!
 We have a number of events coming
Acadia Christmas Craft Expo: Nov.
Coffee Demos @ Pete’s on Nov.3
Nov. 3 is the Valley Tea Festival
 The ACORN Organic Conference is
November 22-24
 Wolfville All Wrapped Up launches
Nov. 1st. All Wrapped Up is a
Christmas Shopping promotion
supported by
the town of
 Melissa was
accompanied by
barista, Liz
Bishop last week
on her cupping
visit to King’s
Wharf. They’ve
picked their
blend and have
named it Boardwalk Bold!
Customer Feedback:
 Michelle A. writes: Recently tried the
Peppermint stick hot cocoa and it is
amazing!!!!!!!! I love that I can get a
product like this that is made in NS.
 @insuranceMaven tweets: Like your
coffee, your staff is amazing! Thanks
to the guy who gave me directions to
get the most spectacular view of the
 Michelle P. writes: I’m working my
way through the various Just Us!
coffees. This week’s selection:
Mexican Morning. It’s light and lively,
yet smooth and just the right acidity –
never sour.

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